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Fractions with George

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

In his first lesson George shows that he has a good idea of what equivalent fractions are by giving a simple example of 1/2 and 2/4. He impresses Gus by extending the idea of equivalence to different units of measurement but sometimes doesn't quite know when to stop. In the blackboard session he again shows his confidence although doesnt always simplify quite as much as he should do,

George's description of imroper fractions isn't quite the same as the formal definition but he does understand the meaning of the term. George tries to ask the questions but Gus puts him in his place. At the blackboard Gus again is impressed by the ease and accuracy with which George can switch between mixed numbers and equivalent fractions.

In his third lesson George will be challenged with adding fractions but first he is curious about what maths teachers talk to each other about. He is surprised to hear that letters can be converted to a numeric code called hex but is not impressed about the idea of conversing in hex.

At the blackboard he is also not impressed by the idea of a black pizza but nevertheless is able to use it to show his ability to add simple fractions and even to ask more probing questions.

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