The videos here  are much less interactive than a tutorial session but nevertheless they are engaging and are a useful way for you to learn about a particular topic if you are struggling with the basics of it.   They have a teacher (Gus) and a pupil (George) who participates fully in the session and who listens and answers questions (mostly relevant to the topic) . These videos on fractions and equations can be  used for self learning and the number and range of videos will be added to over a period of time. Worksheets will also be produced  to accompany the videos and  if you really want to improve your Maths or Physics skills then you can use these to help you learn and progress. 
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Equivalent Fractions


Improper fractions


Introduction to adding fractions


Linear Equations

(Intro Part 3)


Subjects Taught

Mathematics, Physics

Age Range


Ability Range

From awful to  average


From average to awesome


Lesson fees

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Please note that when making a choice from the above that I currently tutor 1-1 mainly as that arrangement is the most beneficial to my tutees but I can teach small groups up to 4 pupils as long as each pupil is roughly of the same ability level and prepared to work on the same topics in the lesson.

I will in the future be advertising lessons on particular topics in maths or physics for groups of tutees.