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Who is George?


Over a period of time I will be producing videos on Maths and Physics that George will be participating in and these videos will be posted on Youtube. They will be accompanied by worksheets posted on here to help you practise the ideas in the videos.

George is a cartoon pupil who has kindly agreed to participate in my videos. He is very enthusiastic about Maths and Physics and enjoys solving problems. He doesn’t always gets things right but that is part of the learning process and he might well be making the same mistakes you are if you follow the lessons with him. You can learn together with George.


Sometimes it helps to know that other people don’t always understand right away especially with a subject like maths. It takes time, it takes practice and it takes perseverance. To follow these lessons successfully you will need to engage and try things for yourself.  A passive approach of just watching and listening will not work; it  is only the first step. Try the problems presented in the videos and see how well you progress.

George is a mixture of many of the students that I have taught over the years and, although he is only a cartoon character,  George shares many qualities with those students.  He can be very quiet and sensitive but also can be lively at times and very sharp witted.  George needs considerable reassurance as he tries to progress from being average to being awesome and hopefully he will achieve his aims one day. He has ambitions that will unfold as the story is told. 


George will participate in lessons by both listening and answering questions. You may find that you share some of the problems that George has with Maths and Physics but also some of the joy in understanding parts of the subjects which you previously thought were too complex to fathom.

I do hope that you will join us on George’s journey and that you also learn from the lessons in the videos.   If you wish to also have online lessons in Maths or Physics with me then please fill in the contact form below. 

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