Everything you need to know before booking a lesson

What hardware and software do I need for my lesson?

Groupworld currently works on Safari, Chrome (including Chromebooks), Firefox and Edge without requiring a plugin, including iPad, iPhone and Android tablets/phones. Minimum bandwidth when using video or screen sharing is 256kbps upload and download, but 512kbps is recommended. The best way to check the connection is to have a free 15min session which will test the audio and video. If you are using a tablet it is helpful also to have a stylus to write on the screen but an alternative is a graphics tablet. If you do not have a touch screen. Wacom and Huion graphics tablets work well with Groupworld. Writing tablets allow you to use handwriting on the whiteboard., These can be purchased from around £20 on websites like Amazon - browse writing tablets on Amazon here. The affordable and compact Huion H420 tablet can be purchased online here. This tablet support both Windows and Mac! If you have an iPad or iPhone and a Mac, you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a writing tablet using an app like Astropad, which is pretty handy! if you do not have a stylus or tablet you can still use a mouse as a pointing and drawing tool and text boxes if you need to write on the screen but it can be a bit more awkward. My tutees also use pen and peer for some calculations and we then discuss the work on the whiteboard.

Is online tuition any better or worse than face to face tuition?

Both have their strengths and weaknesses. I think most tutees feel more comfortable having someone next to them when they are being tutored which is fully understandable. I too feel that I can judge the reaction of a tutee to an explanation more easily and can reassure them better when they are closer at hand. For the majority of the time and for the majority of students I don't feel it is a big issue as long as we can maintain audio and visual contact, The advantage of onine tuition is that it is easier to store and access an electronic copy of the work we have done and easier to access and display presentations , pictures or videos if we need to. Another advantage of course is that there is no travel time or costs wasted for the parent who would have to take their child to the tutees house.

How many lessons do I need in Maths or Physics?

Impossible question to answer of course. For some tutees it may be only a few lessons to discuss one or two topics they are having difficulty with and for others it may be for the whole of the school year or for many I have taught until they leave school. You make the choice and can terminate lessons when you feel you dont need the support anymore.

How do I pay for a lesson?

You must pay in advance by Paypal or alternatively by bank transfer. I can provide details when you arrange a lesson.

What happens if I have to cancel my lesson?

If you have already paid for the lesson then I will make an arrangement for an alternative but if it lis cancelled less than 24 hours before the lesson then it will be descretionary.

What happens if  I am not able to start or complete a lesson because my internet doesn't work properly?

Most internet problems are resolved during an introductory session when we check audio and video and the Groupworld server will test the speed of your connection but as we all know with technology if something can go wrong it will go wrong sometimes!! Any lesson time missed because of technology problems will always be made up in future lessons or payment refunded.

How do I book a lesson?

Fill in the contact form at the footer of this page or any page in fact and I will get back to you by email to arrange a day and time.

Can I book multiple lessons?

Yes you can make arrangements for multiple lessons. Usually this would be on the same day at the same time each week.

If there are a group of us arranging a lesson how do we pay?

I would normally only accept one payment for the group. So the person respresenting the group who booked the lesson(s) would be responsible for the payment.

What age do I have to be to arrange a lesson?

You would have to be 18 or over. If the tutee is under that age then I would expect tehir parent or guardian to make the arrangements.

Can I have a lesson without a video picture of myself on the screen as it makes me feel self-conscious?

Yes the video can be switched off. I would prefer to be able to see you but as long as I can hear you then it is possible for us to have a normal lesson