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About me

My name is Gus and I have over 40 years experience in teaching Maths and Physics in a range of different school and college environments as well as individually.   I have taught pupils from the age of 10 upwards which includes those of secondary age and mature students.

I am offering online tuition in Maths and Physics for a wide age range. I am also posting videos on the lessons page of this website which you might be interested in following if you want to improve you Maths or Physics.


Please watch the accompanying video for a more detailed but light hearted description of who I am and what I do.

A description of the tutoring services offered in Maths and Physics
My story

George shares his thoughts

George explains why he is here and what he hopes to achieve one day.  Only time will tell if he can find the success that he wants and maybe you too can follow him along that path.

George is the pupil who will be participating in lessons in Maths and Physics with Gus as the tutor
George's Story

Groupworld whiteboard

The whiteboard used for online lessons is called Groupworld. It enables me to communicate ideas both orally and visually to my tutees and because it is collaborative the tutee is also able to use the same tools on the whiteboard as I am. 

There are a good range of tools available for writing, drawing, editing and creating graphs as well as facilities for uploading files, saving files and even recording lessons.

To see the whiteboard in action watch the video below the image.

If you want to know what software or hardware is required to use Groupworld then go to  the FAQ section from the above menu.

A description of the Groupworl whiteboard used by Gus in tutoring Maths and Physics
Groupworld whiteboard

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